Goal - Action - Data Journeys

The Right Things at The Right Time. Simply.


  1. DISCOVER the journeys of turning data into actions leading to goals.

  2. AUTOMATE these journeys = Turn reports into actions. Simply.

  3. IMPROVE these journeys = Measure results and learn from them.

Example: B2B sales

  • Let us imagine that you are the sales director in B2B business.

  • And you have many questions in your head... So how to find the answers for them?

  • And, the most importantly, how ensure the rigth actions executed in the right time?

1. DISCOVER the journeys

of turning data into actions leading to goals.

  • No report earned a penny. The actions did.

  • Thefore the result of data analysis is NOT reports .... BUT actions leading to goals.

  • The journeys "how to turn data into actions leading to goals" can be captured, shared and utilized across the whole team.

GAD Wizard

  • enables your team members to capture, share and utilize the maps of "Goal - Action - Data Journeys" easily.

2. AUTOMATE these journeys

Turn Data Into Actions. Simply.

  • So we have figured our the journeys: "How to turn data into actions leading to goals".

  • But how to make them being followed?

  • Once. Regularly, each week, month or quarter? Immediately in the appropriate moment?

GAD Wizard

  • can be easily connected to your reporting/analytical systems and e-mail or other operational systems used for distribution of tasks.

  • It enables you easily to generate the tasks assigned to the right people at the right time based on the reports run upon the current data

  • Ad hoc. Or regularly, without the human touch, relentlessly.

Step 1 - Design of Report

  • We agree in a team what does "Important customer" mean. It can be customers with the usage greater than X, 20% customers making 80% of revenue or profit in the particular period in in total etc.

  • We agree in a team what does "Leaving customer" mean. It can be customers who used us before days, months etc. It depends on our business.

  • We or our IT guys arrange the data and create the rule related report which selects the appropriate list of customers in our reporting tool like MS Power BI etc.

Step 2 - Design of Task

  • We agree in a team when, to who and how will be the rule related task distributed.

  • Will we identify these customers each week or month or will be task generated immediately when we discover this fact?

  • Will we send the tasks into email or do we assign the approprite actions directly to account managers into our CRM system?

  • Who exactly will be responsible for this type of task for the particular customers or group of customers?

Step 3 - Design of Automation

  • We insert the new rule in the GAD Wizard and set there:

  • which report selects Important Leaving Customers and when it is ececuted,

  • how are the account managers assigned to their customers,

  • what is the priority of this rule compared with other tasks of the sales like acquisition, cross-sell or up-sell,

  • how will bw the tasks distributed to account managers.

3. IMPROVE these journeys

Measure if actions lead to goal and learn from it.

If we want to improve something, we must to measure it first. We can measure 3 phases of task execution:

  1. Was the task meaningful for its executor? Yes / No / Why?

  2. Was the task done and with which feedback?

  3. Have the task let to its goal?

Measuring these three levels of results enables us to improve the journeys of utilizing data for actions leading to goals.
We can kill the bad one and make repeatable the good one.

Third level of the task evaluation
Do we reach the goal of this task? How many Important Leaving Customers have moved to Active Customers?

GAD Wizard

  • provides you with the views on actions and their results,

  • in order to measure how actions helped to reach your goals

  • and learn from them efficiently i.e.

  • improve the "Goal - Action - Data Journeys".

Bonus - Be ready for the future

Let AI to improve your GAD journeys

Well, this is slightly visionary... ;-).

  1. First, just a short summary. AI finds the patterns between sample inputs and classified outputs and apply the patterns on the new inputs to estimate the outputs. See more e.g.in my example of AI driven remastering of songs.

  2. Now imagine that you build the sample data to train AI by systematic capturing <goals, action, data> triplets together with the reflection, honest feedback "<action was/wasn't useful>". Year. Two. By all decision makers in your company. By thousands or millions of decision makers using some world-widely used cloud system like Sales Force.

  3. After a while, AI will suggest you the right actions to be done or at least hypotheses to be evaluated based on the your up-to_date source data from yesterday. Like recommend you,which particular customers shall be serviced first with what to gain the most revenue.

Can this one work? May be yes, may be no. We believe in it much more than "blind AI big data" approach where the huge amount of data are passed through AI algorithms and some magic is expected to happen. The high quality learning data are available in our case.

Set up your environment accordingly.

Connecting the right people is the key prerequisity for the success... as usual.

  • You need to mix the people with completely different approaches to life.

  • Doers like doing, Data diggers like data digging. They do not like and want the job of the others.

  • Hopefully mixing the water and fire is managable thanks to agile concepts.

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